2019 Gamecomp

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2019 Gamecomp

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Ebben a facebook-os csoportban kiírtak egy kis pályázatot BASIC program írásra, infó mellékelve.

Emitten a BASIC on the ZX Spectrum FB csoport linkje

It's been a few years since our game competition, so I think its time for another!
This time the theme is a >>>>>speed game>>>>>>!

What is a speed game?
This is a type of game that requires the player to quickly input movements to be successful. For instance think of a cycling game, the player has to tap left then right in time in order to move the pedals of the player to reach a fast enough momentum to beat a set time. The key is to have the player send input at the correct time to progress.
The scenario is totally up to you as long as the goal of the game is user input to meet a goal.

The closing date for your entry is 23:59:59 Oct 31st 2019GMT
***Your code must be 100% Sinclair BASIC no MC***
You can load graphics / UDGs in or POKE to memory.

The results will be based upon the group members votes with a deciding vote from the judges.

The winner receive £50! Woo!
2nd - will receive £20
Anyone can enter. So please, if you would like to enter PLEASE DO! No matter what your experience!

Good Luck!
-= Bali =-
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