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Az imént kaptam ezt a levelet, YERZMYEY Tokióban járt egy chiptune fesztiválon:

ZX Spectrum concert in Japan / Tokyo

OK dudes, there was a chiptune festival in Japan – Square Sounds Tokyo 2014 – here is the video of my ZX concert there, in 28.09.2014.
The recording contains entire concert – 30 minutes.

The songs have been composed on ZX81 and ZX Spectrum.
This time my hardware was:
- Speccy2010 for the sequences – and toy-keyboards:
- Yamaha PSS-680 for the main playing (it has also very cool drum-pads)
- toy sampler CASIO SK-1 for screaming :) effects
- miniature CASIO SA-5 (for sound effects)
- and ‘microscopic’ toy analogue ribbon-synth KORG Monotron Duo (like above).

Additionally – the sound-fx ZOOM RFX-2000.

Here, the entire recording has been takes “from the hall” but still You can hear something. :)

Unfortunately, while the air-journey my the main mixer/effect Behringer (planned to be used for toy-synthesizers), has got a serious shot in a plane, and sadly in Tokyo I found it doesn’t work. The organizers were kind enough to lend me their own Behringer mixer (thx mates!) but there was only a machine without a sound-FX section accessible, so You might notice the ‘keyboard section’ sounds a bit raw (it was my big regret, regarding the flight).

After all, people in Japan liked the ZX music, and they were even approaching me after the gig, sayin’ that it was nice to hear songs from the hardware unknown in Japan.

I would like to thank very much to all the visitors and organizers. The festival was spectacular.

Enjoy. ;)
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