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http://www.ebay.es/itm/Transtape-3-Hard ... 0402867439

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Transtape 3

Manufactured in Spain by Micro Hard (HM) this was quite popular in Spain in any of its versions.

2 buttons, 2 switches, expansion port passed through.

This is a freeze device able to save to tape, microdrive, Opus Discovery or Betadisk.
You can also poke games or dump screen shots to the printer.
2K of Ram allow to load and execute small user programmes.

Saving to tape can be done in either normal speed or turbo mode, which is selected by one of the switches on the \
module. Games saved in turbo mode require the transtape interface for loading, while normal speed snapshots do not. \
They are saved with a loader code and you can load them with:


The other switch is to select between "save" or "load" operation mode.

The switch on the side is a simple reset switch.

Connection to the ZX Spectrum:
- Microdrive: behind a Interface 1
- Opus Discovery: between the Spectrum and the drive. NEVER behind it.
- Betadisk type 1 only, later models already included a snapshot option themselves.